Which are the payment options at LEIVIP.COM?

We provide the following payment methods for orders placed in our platform :

  • Paypal 
  • VISA 
  • Master Card
  • Bank Transfer  

If you choose payment through bank transfer please always send us a copy of your payment at the address customercare@leivip.com so we can proceed with shipment of your order;

You can find here our company bank details :

Company : TOMMY SRL



Iban: IT 71 Z 02008 36593 000 100 6000 36



Codice bic swiftUNCRITMM

You can also find our Bank details in the check out page when you select bank transfer payment , once you complete the order . 

I received a discount code. To which products can this code be applied?

Discount codes apply to the total value of your order. Sale items are excluded from discount.

Please note that discount codes are valid only once and a maximum of one code can be used per order.

Is the VAT/TAX amount included in my order ?

-All the product price are not include the Vat/Tax 

-If you are based in Italy VAT will charge 22% in your order at check out page , please remember to always insert it in the specific field during the registration of your account  together with the electronic invoicing (Univoco code) or Pec .

-If you are based in a European country store and you have a valid VAT number please insert it in your account data in the appropriate field during the registration phase, so it won’t be charged in your order. 

-If you are a store based in an Extra European country please insert your tax id registration number during the registration phase, VAT amount won’t be charged in your order.

-For UK customers  please remember to insert your EORI number which is required to receive your order and will not be charged a Vat amount. 

- Select your delivery address and check if VAT is still charged. If VAT is still charged please contact us at customercare@leivip.com or you can Live chat with us for support