What is Leivip and what does it mean?

Leivip is a revolution in fashion, enabling our customers to design personalized fashions made by the world's leading fashion artists and crafted from the finest ingredients sourced around the world. We let you personalize a Leivip which expresses who you are moment-to-moment and celebrates your unique preferences and tastes. The quality of our fashions is eight to ten times higher than other luxury fashion houses, enabling us to return to the fashion industry a level of excellence that has not been seen in decades.

What is the Leivip Lab?

The Leivip Lab is our interactive experience where you step through a series of dynamic questions and imagery designed to establish the core elements of a fashion tailored to all that makes you...you.

What is the Leivip return policy?

We realise that buying a fashion online inevitably raises the question "how do I know that I will like it?" But we are so certain that you will love what we send you that we offer you an ironclad, No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee . If for any reason and at any time you are not fully satisfied, contact our customer support and we will arrange to return your order – shipping costs for the return are on us!

How do I know that I’ll like the Leivip of the “New Me”?

It's natural to ask this question when purchasing fashion online. To assure your satisfaction, you will receive the beautiful signature Leivip that have been tailored to your mood and moment through taking the Leivip Lab journey. We are confident you will love them and will create some more unique Leivip when layering and wearing them together. Part of your discovery and journey is to experiment with "The New You's" and experience the dynamic fashion combinations that our experts have provided for you. And remember, you can always return it if you are truly not satisfied.

Is Leivip available in retail shops?

We are a custom e-commerce site so you can craft your very own unique fine fashion, tailored to your specific tastes, anytime, anywhere.

Why do you ask for a branded base fashion?

Our fashion specialists use this as a rough guide as to the kind of fashion you are likely to prefer, based on the fashion's family and the spider graph that you would see when you enter your base fashion. This is not to say that we will duplicate the base fashion as that is not what we aim to do here and we have no intention of doing so. It is just for reference so we know what you might prefer and we can create a fashion that you most probably will like based on the family, sub-family, sub-group, and key ingredients of the fashion you have selected.

Describe fashion making process

The process of making fashions can be lengthy and requires the coordination of a few important roles. Every fashion has his/her own way of creation but all great fashions have to start somewhere.

The creative process for a fashion begins with an idea for a fashion whether it is written out as a fashion brief, or shown as a mood board.The fashionist, who has gone through years of training, works on this idea by selecting ingredients of his/her choice from his palette (like an painter choosing his colours) and writing up a formula with their dose.

The formula is compounded by his assistant and here's where evaluators come into the picture. Evaluators are important to the process as they provide objective views on whether the fashion that was made fits the brief. It is quite unlikely that the fashion would be perfect on its first iteration so it goes back to the fashionist who creates new versions, or mods as they are commonly known as (modifications), of the fashion based on the feedback from the evaluator or team of evaluators.

This process of improving and refining the fashion may go on for a few weeks, months or even a year and slightly more, depending on how much time the project is given.

Like fine wines and award-winning cheeses, great fashions usually require a period of maturation and maceration before they are boxedd and sold. First the newly formulated fashion oil is left to mature for a week or two, before alcohol is added and the mixture left to macerate for a few more weeks before it is filtered and then boxedd. This process, although time-consuming, is necessary to develop the fashion to its full potential.

Where is the fashion made?

The fashions are produced in LFF's facilities in Italy .