In this particular historical moment characterized by increases and higher bill costs, the shops proportion the budget dedicated to the purchase of goods to ensure that the business can continue to move forward.

Minimum order quantities (MOQs) represent a rather frequent constraintin logistics, which consists in requiring the buyer to order a minimumquantity, usually expressed in units or in currency, in order to placean order. Furthermore, it often happens that several MOQ constraintsmust be met at the same time. To solve the problem, it is necessary to develop an (near) optimal purchase order that satisfies all MOQ constraints and at the same time maximizes the economic return associated with the units purchased.

To determine the investment, large companies use complexcalculations in determining the correct quantity to order to maximizethe return on investment in cases where the seller requires a minimumorder quantity. But the shopkeepers? Small and medium-sized businessesvery often find themselves having to take too great a risk or severelylimit the purchase of stock. This situation weighs heavily on manyaspects of the business, from the time it takes to find the rightbalance in order, to the forcing of having to take too large risks. fashion wholesale clothing wholesale italian fashion italian clothing italian fashion supplier

How can we make managing your business easier and more convenient?

Leivip helps you with very low minimum purchases (only 100 euros) for the entire order, with the possibility of purchasing multiple brands in the same order. The customer can buy a small quantity of goods to dedicate to the sale and place a new order only when he has sold the items, drastically reducing the risk of inventories in stock. In addition to this, one of our strengths is the very fast express shipping which ensures that the items arrive at the shop in time for sale. Furthermore, all the items we offer have been carefully selected to guarantee a very high level of quality.

About Leivip

We are a wholesaler platform dedicated to the online sell for retailers that are interested in buying and re-selling our collections.
Based in Tuscany, the heart of the Italian fashion production and with 13 years of work experience in this industry, we are passionate in providing to the shops the latest and hottest fashion articles.

We have professional customer service to provide you with one-to-one service, our goal is to help you reduce unnecessary trouble in the procurement process and save your procurement costs, including time and money.

Since 2020, we have successfully provided quality services to many retailers, our customers are all over the United States, Italy, France, Germany, Portugal and many other countries or regions.

We have helped many customers to greatly improve the profit margin of their business. At the same time, we will free you from the tedious daily purchase, so that you have enough time and energy to stay with your family.

If you happen to need a similar service, why not try it? Take action immediately, join us, let us help you get rid of the confusion and tedious procurement work, let us make it easy, simple, comfortable, and better. fashion wholesale clothing wholesale italian fashion italian clothing italian fashion supplier

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