Denim is the wardrobe item with which you are most likely to have a rocky relationship. Shopping for jeans is notoriously difficult. Just when we were beginning to move past the dispute between wide-leg and skinny jeans, low-rise denim became popular (a controversial option). I will admit, though, that the jean trends for 2023 offer me optimism for a future covered in denim, and I swear, no low-rise is required.

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Denim will be used in a lot more clothing items than simply pants in 2023, which is one reason to be thrilled about it.

Denim was the main theme of the Spring/Summer '23 runway presentations in unconventional ways. You can choose from a variety of adaptable styling alternatives, such as the denim maxi skirts at the Burberry show, the oversized shirts at Blumarine, and the denim-patterned mesh at Diesel.

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18 enero 2023 — Leivip Team

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