LEIVIP.COM is a wholesaler platform dedicated to the online sell for retailers that are interested in buying and re-selling our collections.

Based in Tuscany, the heart of the Italian fashion production and with 13 years of work experience in this industry, we are passionate in providing to the shops the latest and hottest fashion articles.

If you are searching for dynamic, different and original fashion articles that are able of surprising your customers, with ever new outfits and combinations, by mixing styles and colors, that never get your public bored and that will be able to amuse interpreting every mood and personality this is the right place for you!

On our site you will find clothing, accessoires and shoes for womens fast fashion delivery, from different brands, selected with a great attention to the fabric and to the production process, according to the creativity which characterizes the Italian design. We hope to share Italian creations with the world, all while delivering the best value.

Even if you are a small business and if you want to start approaching the e-commerce world, LEIVIP.COM is the perfect place for your business, since we provide great products with an excellent service and assistence, from the moment of the valutation, to the moment of the confirmation of the order until the time of delivery of your parcel, with a small minimum value of the order of 100 €.

We work every day with passion and enthusiasm to give our customers a good service that can help them to improve their benefits and also their sales; we provide and allow to use our original photos and descriptions of products to ease their online sales and to elevate the digital identy - image throught the use of our professional photos.

Our customer service will follow and guide you from the info about the prodcuts, to the insertion of the online order by monitoring and take care about the shipping until to the opening of the parcel, making sure that each stage is handled as efficiently and quick as possible.